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About Us


About Us

About Us

KMD Educational Institute (KMDEI) curriculum is real world tested with demonstrated results. 85% of KMDEI dedicated students pass the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification the first time. The Founder, Keyshia DuBose, has developed and refined the dynamic coding curriculum after years of hands-on experience as a certified coder/auditor. She has spent 20 years working in the fast pace, growing coding industry. Keyshia has devoted a large part of her career to training others and developing her craft. This has transformed students into skilled coders.

No medical background? Don’t worry, at the KMD Educational Institute, you will learn a comprehensive, industry relevant curriculum that is in scope with the in-demand jobs in the coding industry. KMDEI instructors drill deeply into each coding language, enabling students to become true professional coders with a solid understanding the coding practices. At KMDEI, we not only focus on the guiding principles of coding; but also on what each student needs to be successful. You will learn How-To code and will be equipped with the knowledge and skill-set needed to transition into a coding career.

The unique Learning Program at KMDEI is the first of its kind among coding institutions. Our program offers flexibility and convenience and the personalized attention needed for success. We offer 16-week Instructor-Led and Virtual courses to accommodate hectic schedules. All students will have access to instructors and tutors if additional support is needed.

For more information about how to start the KMDEI program, Contact Us at: 

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